About Us

Ivy Global School provides students and families with a complete curriculum provided by highly qualified partners, Florida Virtual School and Edmentum that meet state standards. Our programs are supervised and taught by US-licensed teachers with clear instructions in every course. We have everything your child needs for a successful educational experience.

  • A high-quality education aligned to most US state requirements.
  • An exciting program that combines online learning with personal coaching instruction.
  • A high school program that provides students with an individualized pathway to graduation and career and college preparation.

Our Family Support Team helps parents, students and extended family members play an effective role in our students' education.



Ivy Global School’s mission is to provide world class and accredited K12 education programs and experiences to students in the world with the disruptive cost. Ivy Global School will be the best alternative to the expensive traditional brick-and-mortar international schools.



By 2025, Ivy Global School will serve 20,000 students with tuition fee of no more than US$3,000/year.


Why Choose Us



Choice of schools are often limited by students’ location and available time. Ivy Global School would like to break that limitation by offering online courses - which you can always access regardless of time and location. All  you need is a computer with a strong internet connection. Students are not bound to weather conditions as well as traffic conditions anymore. 


Greater flexibility means greater responsibility. Online classes do require as much energy and time as traditional classes. Moreover, flexible learning provides students with full control and accountability for their learning. With flexible learning, students will be the center of education rather than teachers. Students cannot passively sit and listen in the classroom but actively educate themselves. 



Understanding concerns about the quality of education, all programs are designed according to U.S. Common Core State Standards and Next Generation State Standards. Our courses are designed with a focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills: teaching students how to think rather than telling students what to think. The 21st Century Skills embedded in our courses build a foundation for students to think, analyze, evaluate, reflect, and communicate. 


Our dedicated teachers are holding U.S licence of teaching. Our coaches and instructors have many years of experience in teaching. Understanding the diversified students’ needs, passionate about personalized education, our teachers, coaches and instructors aim for each student to become an individual who will lead in the 21st century global society and be successful in a competitive global economy.



Online courses empower students to understand themselves as learners and have control and responsibility over where they learn. Students need to decipher their own personality to figure out the best schedule. Students need to be self-disciplined to be on pace with online learning. To be successful in online learning, students must train themselves to be self motivated, organized with coursework, be a great communicator to convey your ideas, and be proactive. All of these are life skills that later they can implement in the workplace.


Being a US private school, Ivy Global School has access to a network of US colleges and universities. Ivy Global school provides expert US College admission counseling to all students, including university and course selection, application procedure,... Colleges in our network also provide 1 to 1 interview with US college admission staff.