Lower School, Grades K-5

Each child is born with natural inquisitiveness. Courses at IGS are tailored to engage young learners and to establish foundation for life-long learning.


Online Classes for Students in Grades K-5

In lower school, we nurture a child’s natural love of learning with caring teachers and stimulating curriculum appropriate for an exceptional online elementary school. We celebrate the early elementary years by encouraging exploration, emotional growth, fostering positive learning experiences, and of course, fun! In grades K-2, students can enroll in our project-based curriculum offering and once they reach grade 3, can select from text-based courses or online courses depending on the subject area and grade in which they are enrolled. Lower school classes through our accredited online school give students a strong foundation to build upon as they advance into the middle school program. 


Lower School Curriculum

For younger students, an important component of their online education process is to allow them to engage in their learning directly through hands–on projects. The act of learning through hands-on activities helps to activate their brains in a way that is beneficial at this early age. “Kids learn through all their senses,” says Ben Mardell, Ph.D., a researcher with Project Zero at Harvard University, “and they like to touch and manipulate things.” Children ages 4-8 years of age tend to experience the world and learning as a part of a big experience. With that in mind, IGS has selected a curriculum for our students receiving an online education with our private school that integrates the subjects and focuses on meaningful, engaging activities. Academic skills are woven into these larger learning experiences, where students explore them as a natural part of their day–to–day life. 


Students in grades K-2 enroll in our project-based program, which integrates the content across language arts, science, and social studies. Our math package includes a textbook, a workbook, and an instructional guide as well as manipulatives. Beginning in lower school, the elementary school faculty focuses on nurturing a young student’s natural love of learning through a stimulating curriculum and meaningful feedback for the developmental benefit and well-being of students and families. The lower school learning team at IGS goes to great lengths to encourage a student’s exploration and foster a positive learning experience.


For each grade in Lower School, the online curriculum includes courses in the four core subject (language arts, math, science, and social studies) and optional courses (Art, Physical Education, Computer Science, Spanish). Every course offers flexible pacing, allowing students to move at the speed that best suits their needs. 


How Does Online Elementary School Work? 

IGS recognizes a child’s need to touch, talk, listen, and move while learning at an early age. The combination of our project-based curriculum, teacher guidance, and support from the parent as the academic coach set young children up for an experience that nurtures their innate love of learning. It’s vital to our online education program that we support and aid in developing your child’s thirst for knowledge and unlocking the hidden passion that drives their progress. 


The parent as the academic coach plays an important role in supporting and guiding their child’s education. Our Project-Based Curriculum Guides prepare coaches for the school year by providing a weekly outline of the coursework for each subject area. Weekly lesson plans coupled with supporting literature books, science experiments, math manipulatives, and geographical exploration, allow students to move through their lessons and grasp concepts through a hands-on approach to learning. 


Online Lower School Program Information

IGS invests in student-centered learning to give each student a personalized approach to their education. This supports and encourages their personal and academic development. 


  • Planning – Through student-centered learning, our educational professionals will help guide your child by nurturing their curiosity and love of learning and promote their development of knowledge and collaboration. 


  • Progress Tracking – We regularly assess your child’s ability to comprehend and keep up with their assignments and courses, their acquisition of skills and knowledge, and what the appropriate next steps for learning should be. These assessments provide teachers, students, and parents with specific information about a child’s experience and progress. 


  • Flexible Schedule – We use an asynchronous learning model that gives students greater flexibility to help them succeed in academics. It’s designed for a student to grow personally and academically with a flexible schedule to ensure the education works with their own terms and schedule. 


  • Homework – Students are given a suggested schedule that acts as a guide for when assignments and coursework need to be submitted. There’s a weekly outline of coursework covering each subject area. Weekly plans work in tandem with supporting books, experiments, exploration, and other learning methods, with an emphasis on a hands-on approach. 


  • K-5 World Language Courses – As early as Kindergarten, students in grades K-2 have the opportunity to study Chinese, Spanish, or French in online courses designed for younger students. There’s a focus on vocabulary acquisition through games, songs, stories, and practice activities. Starting in third grade, students can also add German or Latin. As students get older, they enhance their skills with greetings, introductions, grammar, commands, and songs, phrases, and activities. 


Why Choose an Online Elementary School?

Enrolling your child in an online elementary school offers greater freedom for their learning than you’d typically find in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. By taking courses in a virtual classroom, students can study and advance in their schoolwork from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The flexible learning also allows your child to complete their coursework and assignments in accordance with their own schedule. All of the faculty are also certified professionals in the field of education, and they’re available to students for the benefit of their development. 


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