Online Socialization

Socialization for Online School Student Success

At IGS, our College Prep courses, dynamic learning opportunities, and one-to-one connections with teachers cater to the interests of the students within our academic community. Found at the heart of our virtual campus is a vibrant, 21st century social community composed of social and academic clubs, virtual field trips, and a private social network.


Online Clubs

IGS offers more than 30 online clubs for students to explore and discover their passions. Our clubs offer a relaxed, enjoyable experience led by a faculty or staff member who shares the students’ passion for the topic. Shared interests coupled with respectful, engaging social opportunities deepen relationships and provide of our online private school students with the opportunity to collaborate and socialize. At monthly meetings and smaller group gatherings, students use virtual classrooms that promote media and technology literacy allowing for collaboration via presentation, vocal, and visual communication using microphones and webcams, as well as video and other media.


Private Social Network

Beginning in 7th grade,IGS offers its students and families the opportunity to collaborate and make friends within a secure social network environment. Within this private social network, students may:

  • Participate in online clubs and find new friends
  • Pair up with study buddies
  • Post blog updates regarding their portfolio coursework and share their creative expressions

This private social network is a wonderful way for students to form lasting friendships based on mutual interests and respect that spans state and national boundaries. Students share their thoughts, feelings, and creativity through blogs, forums, and discussion threads. The social network is a valuable tool that creates empathy, compassion, and understanding, as well as promotes academic collaboration.