Student Stories

Our Diverse Community of Learners

We are proud of our highly diverse community who live throughout the United States and in more than 20 countries around the world. Our students choose IGS  for a variety of reasons.

Most students talked to us about their busy school schedule, their interests in various extracurricular activities, and their tips for succeeding in an online school community.

Balancing a Busy Schedule

Our students start out his day by completing their school assignments; then they moves onto practicing violin for thirty minutes, and piano lessons for one hour. On certain days of the week, they also practice golf for at least one to two hours.

On top of juggling school, music, and sports, IGS students are very active with IGS clubs such as Creative Computing Club, Creative Writing/Photography Club and Student Blogger Program. They also can volunteer regularly at various programs at the library. They appreciates the flexibility that online school gives them, which allows them to fill their schedule with the things they passionate about.

Tips for Success

IGS students are not new to online school, having tried out a few others before enrolling at IGS. The favorite part about being enrolled at IGS is that there is a wide variety of courses, many of them are UC and NCAA approved. Their favorite courses are AP Chemistry, and AP Computer Science which help them continuing to study both courses in their senior year.

Our students offered some tips for others who are thinking about transferring to an online school environment. “The number one most crucial part of being an online student is to have good time management, and not to procrastinate. Time management is key; it is important to always prioritize your school work over everything else, otherwise you can easily fall behind.”

Another observation is that students have made throughout his experiences is that online school students must be motivated. They believe what most people don’t understand is how much self-motivation they need, and how much time management is necessary. "Unlike a traditional school, you aren’t on a set schedule so you must schedule your time carefully or you will fall behind on your school work.”

Student Blogger

As members of our Student Blogger Program, our students are excited to share his passion for music, sport and extra curricular activities with our school community.